Anti-Aging red and near infra-red light therapy

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You may have heard recently that Johnson and Johnson have withdrawn NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® anti-acne Light Therapy mask from the market. They have withdrawn the product as there is a risk of eye injury for a very small number of people with underlying eye conditions or taking medication that causes sensitivity to light.

The NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® anti-acne Light Therapy mask uses a combination of blue and red light. Scientific studies have identified that blue light at high levels can been linked to eye safety issues. However, red and infrared light have been shown to be safe.

The faceLITE mask only uses red and near infra-red light (NIR), not blue light. It has been tested to the highest internationally recognized eye safety standards (IEC 62471:2006:2008) and has been deemed to be safe for use.

As with all light products, FaceLITE is not recommended for those with a known genetic predisposition to light, genetic conditions of the eye or who are taking medications that increase sensitivity to light.

If you have any concerns about your faceLITE product or would like more information, please call our customer services team on 07880 313314

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